Kate Leary and Mark Twain

Katy Leary, born into an Irish-American family in Elmira, New York, served as the Clemens’ maid from 1880 until Samuel Clemens’ death in 1910. Leary dictated a memoir, “A Lifetime with Mark Twain,” published in 1925.

I have enjoyed researching and developing the irrepressible and expressive Leary, and welcome you to join her as she takes a walk down memory lane. Clemens called Leary a “potent influence all over the premises” and “a pole star for steadiness” with “a good store of that veiled & shimmering & half-surreptitious humor which is the best feature of the “˜American’ brand ““ or any other brand, for that matter.”


Run time: 45-60 minutes *Adaptable for both adults and students *
No special equipment required